A Technology Consultant... and stuff.

Auditing oneself.

Whenever I have a meeting or a demonstration, I always walk away wondering where I could have improved.   I would assume that is the natural feeling everyone would get, but maybe not. Question yourself This rule can really be applied to … [Read more]

Building a server rack

I had some extra rackmount drawers from Middle Atlantic and I figured I would put them to good use by building a small server rack.  For the location I had planned I had 26 1/4" from the floor to under a countertop available.  So a set of Middle … [Read more]

Am I a secret agent? No.

I'm often asked what I do in my job.  I really don't have a good answer.  I will usually start to explain in far too great of detail but when that results in glassy eyes, I sigh.  I will then often change the subject to some bullshit topic.  To be … [Read more]

Go play, daddy needs to work.

My wife saw this busy board, so I needed to make my own. I used some of the typical things, latches, hinges, and painted the inside of the doors with chalkboard paint.  I took it a little further and added a window using lexan (sanded the inside … [Read more]

Life experiences, I almost died.

Throughout my life I've learned everything by doing.  I think that trait was part of my DNA, handed down by my parents (obviously).  We grew up not wealthy but had everything we needed.  I was unaware of the yellow pages or at least unclear why they … [Read more]

iPhone makes me upset.

I will admit, Apple makes things easy.  I recently experienced the opposite... I created a business card with a QR code that linked to a website to download a vcard.   Sadly, Safari doesn't know what to do when you tell it to download a .vcf file. … [Read more]

Let there be light. (5 Beers)

Let's be honest, working with technology is boring.  Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy it, but there is something to be said for creating something with your hands.  Yes my hands create things digitally but you know what I mean.  Anyway, when I have … [Read more]

Boom goes my name…

If I had to have a mission in creating this site, it would be clear my name or at least alter the top search results. Over the next while, I'll be filling this space up with things other than misplaced catchphrases.  Eventually, I hope to have my … [Read more]

No wordsmith here.

I would like to welcome you to my wonderful site.  You might be thinking...  There isn't anything here.  You're right. I should point out English is my second language.  My first isn't internationally recognized but it's comprised mostly of poor … [Read more]