IMT Trailer Install

I had a pretty cool project come up.  It was for a county wide incident management team trailer.  Its intended use is for storage, some work area, and some technology.

I knew I had minimum space so I wanted to do a sliding rack.  I started with an old generator drawer from a fire engine, and yes it was loaded with carbon.  After I sprayed it down with an awesome chemical cocktail (I’m kidding, I used PB Blaster) it cleaned up, sort of.

The pictures explain everything else but if you hate pictures here is the text version.

  • Build wood frame for drawer and bolt it
  • Build wood top for rack and bolt it
  • Bolt that to floor, design pin system for drawer so it doesn’t slide out (I used 1/8″ x 2″ steel “C” channel, stainless bolts through the floor)
  • Build out frame for tv mount and mount the tv
  • Route cables from TV and Rack into I/O Bay (no picture, forgot)
  • Bolt in rack and add equipment
  • Take pictures (including one of my kids assessment of the project)


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  1. Pretty incredible transformation from utility trailer to technology hub…Hey, we have one of those; add a bed, mini fridge and a satelite dish and I’m so living on beach somewhere. 🙂

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