Winter Camping

We’re faking out happiness…

About 7 years ago my brother and dad convinced me to go camping…in the winter….in Northern Michigan.  As most would assume, I was reluctant at first, and still am.  We have gone several times over the years and for me it is still a love-hate relationship.  I enjoy the outdoors and the winter, just not at the same time.  However, there is something about the trip that has its appeal, in addition to spending time with brother and dad.  Also, there is certainly something to the digital detox to a few days in the woods.  However, I am talking about a feeling that simply won’t go away.  I suppose it’s your ability to reflect and also envision the future as you want it.  You have a tremendous amount of time to think while trekking through piles of snow for miles a day.  Often you’re thinking, ‘Man, we must have walked like 15 miles so far’ and in all actuality, you’ve walked 1.5 miles.  I would say this takes up 90% of the quiet time with the other 10% being reflective.  You can’t really talk to each other because your head is down wondering why you’re in the middle of nowhere while it’s snowing.

It only takes a moment to remind me of these trips.  Usually a face full of snow falling off a roof at 55mph will do it.  It’s a good memory but one I am still conflicted with.  I hope in the next 3 or 4 months I will have the opportunity to put myself through hell again with my brother and dad.

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