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While growing up I always assumed that my own family would consist of 4 people and I still have that firm belief.  I can say recently though, my firmness has softened, a tad.

With my business growth looming my wife and I have were faced with a serious decision… Buy another house or put our kids in daycare.  We chose the latter.  I can certainly say we are both happy with our choice.  The next couple months will be difficult to manage the purchase but it has made my time with my wife and kids even more precious.  I feel renewed when everyone is home with me, not tired or bored.  For some the stay home lifestyle is wonderful, I am not one of those people.  I like my job too much to not be able to do it often.

Going back to the 4 member household thing, it’s still firmly in place.  Don’t think I’m going to become “octo-dad” anytime soon, however, I do see how someone could want more than 2 kids.  The love grows just as much as the first did.

If you want to read my wife’s perspective and a more grammatically correct post, click here.

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  1. You are an amazing man; love reading your posts.

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