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My Busy Board

I've always enjoyed creating things, whether it was software, wood working projects, or children. I like to see things grow and know I was a key influence. So, today I bring you a tiny new venture in my life. My Busy Board - A furniture, toy, art, … [Read more]


I'm putting this here for my own sanity. An extremely powerful command line tool is dig, unless you forget how to use it. Here is a simple bash function that can be added to .bashrc so you don't need to remember how to use it. Usage: digit … [Read more]

Freebies, excellent!

I haven't posted in a long while and I am quite sure my 0 readers are really upset.  So to quiet the crowd, here is something rather random. Today, while floating in a sea of bills, I was thrown a balloon from Godaddy.   No, as you might expect, … [Read more]

Mini-Man Cave (Weekend 1)

My wife wanted an indoor kids playhouse... My Dad's and my project would be to build it.  OK! Here are some photos from weekend 1. … [Read more]

Winter Camping

About 7 years ago my brother and dad convinced me to go camping…in the winter….in Northern Michigan.  As most would assume, I was reluctant at first, and still am.  We have gone several times over the years and for me it is still a love-hate … [Read more]


The Baby Bjorn™ is an interesting tool in the man-dad arsenal.  It could be equated to black-ops or a high precision stealthy missile.   With a successful mission, your target child will be disabled sound asleep. … [Read more]

Cable Management

I’m somewhat fanatical about cables, and well, I think everything should be aesthetically pleasing, but especially cables.  I’m not really talking organization since that is just good practice.  I am talking about when cables need to match.  Why?  I … [Read more]

Family growth

While growing up I always assumed that my own family would consist of 4 people and I still have that firm belief.  I can say recently though, my firmness has softened, a tad. With my business growth looming my wife and I have were faced with a … [Read more]

IMT Trailer Install

I had a pretty cool project come up.  It was for a county wide incident management team trailer.  Its intended use is for storage, some work area, and some technology. I knew I had minimum space so I wanted to do a sliding rack.  I started with an … [Read more]

iPad Warranty.

Is there a pixel guarantee on ipads?  I seem to have a few burnt out.   … [Read more]